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My chapter on Google Apps for Education is included in the book Retool Your School, see below. The chapter is an extended version of the above presentation.

Available July 2010 from ISTE Retool Your School by James Lerman
Authors James Lerman and Ronique Hicks, and eight other Google Certified Teachers, show you why Google Applications are the best free online learning tools available today. You will discover how students and educators can collaborate with Google Documents, how the forms application allows teachers to create instant-feedback quizzes and how parents can view student work thanks to websites created with Google Sites, Don't miss the special chapter on how to bring the Education Edition directly to your school or district.

Google Apps Help Wiki
Google Apps Education Edition is a package of Google applications. The applications contained in Google Apps are Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Chat, Sites, and Video. One of the most valuable parts of Google Apps is Google Docs. Google Docs contains Documents, a word processing program like MS Word, Spreadsheets, a spreadsheet program like Excel, Presentations, a presentation program like PowerPoint and Forms, a program that lets you create online forms to collect data.

Using Postini to Manage Gmail Accounts in Google Apps

Limiting Gmail to your Google Apps for Education Domain Only
This handout will walk you through using Postini to set up your Google Apps Education domain so that email can only be sent to and from email addresses within your domain. If you are in a K-12 school this is a way to give your students email accounts to email teachers and fellow students only. You must activate Postini Services to do this.

Using Postini Sender Lists
If you have used Postini to set up your Apps Domain so that no one from outside your domain can send email to the Gmail addresses in your domain you may want to allow specific senders or senders from a specific domain to pass through the filter. In my district teachers have email accounts in another domain, I wanted my Apps Gmail users to be able to receive and send email to Also, if you have limited email to your domain only Google Calendar alerts will not get through your filter. This handout shows you how to allow Google Calendar alerts to pass through your filter.

Using Postini's Quarantine Feature
Postini gives you the ability to “quarantine” email. This means that if you create a filter to block email to or from specific email addresses or domains you can designate a person, or shared email address, to get a copy of the blocked email. You can also use Postini filters to block inappropriate language in the content of email coming from or going to your domain. Quarantining this email will help administrators easily identify students who are violating school email policy.

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