Creating Student Web Portfolios

Preparing Template Web Pages

figure 1
I have found that it is best to create a class folder that contains a folder for each student. The image on the left, figure 1, is an example of a class folder containing a student folder for each of the 21 students in the class.






figure 2

The three student folders depicted above are from the per4a class folder shown in figure 1. Notice that the contents of each folder is identical. This enables the use of the same template web page for each student. Images of the student's work must then be correctly named and placed in the student's folder to appear on the web page.

A visit to my students' web portfolio pages will be the best way to understand how the same template page was used for each student's portfolio. My students' web portfolios may be found at:

Mr. Olejarz's Student Portfolio Index



 Web Portfolio Index


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