Creating Student Web Portfolios

Example Web Porfolio Permission Request

Dear Parent(s),

Last school year, in an ongoing effort to integrate technology into the art curriculum, I initiated a student web portfolio program. Students in my classes photographed or scanned their completed art projects and posted them on web portfolio pages. Links to these portfolios may be found on my BF web site:

I plan to continue this program and request your permission to post your child's art on BF's web site. Since I would like every art student to have a web page, I would like to include your child's first name and last initial on their web portfolio. Please sign and return the below form if you would like your child to have a web portfolio.



Harold Olejarz


Student Name _______________________


You have my permission to create a web portfolio for my child and include his/her art work, first name and last initial.

Parent's Signature ____________________

PS Please indicate if you would like your child's photograph to be included on the web page. If you do not want your child to have a web portfolio, or have your child's last initial used please write a note on the other side of this letter.



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