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Preparing Images for the Web With Photoshop


The most important thing to keep in mind when you are preparing images for the web is to try to keep the size of the image file as small as possible.


1. Launch Photoshop and then use the File menu to Open the image you are working with.


2. Use the Image menu and go to the Image Size option to change the size and resolution of your image, see figure 1. First be sure that the Constrain: Proportions box is checked, the bottom of figure 1. Since smaller sized images have smaller file sizes change the height of your image to 3 to 4 inches by typing in the Height: box. (The width will automatically adjust if you checked the Proportions box.) Next, click in the Resolution: box and type in 72. When your screen looks like figure 1 click OK. Your image should now appear smaller on your screen.

3. You are now ready to save your file as a jpeg file, a type of file that is compressed and therefore has a smaller file size. To save your image as a jpeg go to the File menu and use the Save As option. If you are using Photoshop version 5.5 or later use the Save for Web option in the File Menu. Be sure to navigate to the folder you will be using so that you will save the image in the right folder. Also, use 8 letters or less to name your image and be sure to type .jpeg at the end of the image name.


Note: If you are using a different image processing program the menus and choices might be a little different but you still should be able to resize your image and change the resolution to 72 dpi's.


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