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Kirby's Perspective, published 1754
by William Hogarth
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Handouts, CD and DVD

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Lesson Plans

Fantasy Room Lesson Plan CD by Susan Stroud, an art teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in public schools.

Web Sites

The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective, Joseph W. Dauben, Author
From Human Architecture to Architectural Structure

Part I: Brunelleschi and the Origin of Linear Perspective

Part II: Applications of the Method of Perspective in Renaissance Art

Part III: The Importance of Mathematics to Art in the Renaissance

Part IV: Examples from the Work of Boromini and Leonardo da Vinci

Part V: The School of Athens

The Art Studio Chalkboard.
A resource for artists and art students that focus on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting. They were compiled and designed by Ralph Larmann, art faculty member in the University of Evansville Art Department.

Linear Perspective -
this site includes web pages on the topics listed below.
* Introduction and some hints about using linear perspective.
* Exteriors (one point); horizon lines and vanishing points.
* Interiors (one point); when construction lines are obscured.
* Creating a Perfect Square in one-point perspective
* Drawing circles in one-point perspective
* Drawing Grids and Tile Floors in one-point perspective
* Calculating Diminishing Size in Linear Perspective
* Exteriors (two point); looking at an object's corner.
* Interiors (two point); looking into a corner.
* Inclines; how to find roof pitches and declines.
* Shadow Vanishing Points; casting shadows.
* Three-Point Perspective; worm's eye and bird's eye views.
* Atmospheric Perspective, Depth and Atmosphere


Technique Demonstration: One-Point Perspective -


Definitions with links to images -

Spherical Six Point Perspective

Hop David Perspective Drawing

Examples of Student Perspective Drawings on the WWW

ART-RAGEOUS! 1-Point Perspective Drawings by HS students -


Eyewitness Art: Perspective by Alison Cole

Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling

DRAWING IN 3-D by Mark Kistler

Draw 3-D: A Step by Step Guide to Perspective Drawing by D. C. Dubosque

Perspective Drawing Handbook.  by Joseph D'Amelio

Video Resources

Behind the Scenes with David Hockney - "Hosted by famous illusionists Penn and Teller, this segment in a PBS art primer series for children offers insight into "how depth is created on a flat surface." Using multiple animated and live-action examples, Penn and Teller cattily and chattily illustrate principles of perspective, vanishing point, and composition." review

Masters of Illusion - "The principle of "linear perspective," in which parallel lines all diverge to a common vanishing point, sounds complicated, but the examples shown in this documentary make the idea perfectly clear to the layperson. By way of contrast, paintings completed before the Renaissance are shown, and it's immediately clear to the viewer that artists who hadn't mastered perspective drew scenes that appear flat on the canvas. But when artists such as Brunelleschi and Michelangelo practiced using perspective, art suddenly jumped forward." review



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