Drawing in One-Point Perspective

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Introduction to the DVD and CD
Drawings by De Vries
Key Concepts
Photo Examples
Drawing Tools
Getting Started
Lessons included on the DVD and CD
1. Door
11. Coffee Table
21. Desk
2. Window
12. TV
22. Chair
3. Rug
13. Dresser
23. Couch
4. Skylight
14. Counters
24. Bookcase
5. Poster
15. Speakers
25. Table
6. Wood Floor
16. Bed, Sidewall
26. Chair, Backwall
7. Tile Floor
17. Bed, Backwall
27. Bunk bed
8. Wood Paneling
18. Fireplace, Sidewall
28. Steps, Sidewall
9. Ceiling Lights
19. Fireplace, Backwall
29. Steps, Backwall
10. Tile Ceiling
20. Pool

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