Digital Imaging with Photoshop Elements and KidPix
This web page lists links to tutorials and lesson plans that use Photoshop Elements and KidPix,
two popular digital imaging applications.
Also included are some school sites that show examples of digital imaging classes and/or lessons using other software which are comparable to Elements and/or KidPix.

Photoshop Elements Tutorials and Program Overview

Jay Arraich's Photoshop Elements Tips

  Photoshop Elements Lessons and Examples of Digital Art

Cubism and the Photomontage-Photo II - David Hockney
Cubism and the Photomontage-Photo II, Grade Level: High School
Lesson Plan Submitted by: Joe Applebaum , Cleveland, Ohio

The lesson on this page is not digital but can easily be adapted as a digital lesson.

Digital Imaging - Mr. Olejarz
Students use digital cameras, scanners, imaging software, printers and computers to explore the artistic potential of new imaging technology and solve visual problems. Students will learn how to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of composition, light, color, visual impact and art history. Hands-on projects include digital painting, digital photography, image capture, image manipulation and graphic design problems.

9th Grade Computer Graphics & Design Class and 9th Grade Art Projects
Aurora Middle School Art Department Sarah Wegenast, Art Teacher

Though these lessons use "Paint" that comes with Windows they can also be done with Photoshop Elements

Emerald Ridge High School Digital Imaging Course - Photographers record and produce the images that document our planet and its peoples. They also create many of the commercial images that drive our market economy. Using digital computers and state of the art computer software students will learn how to plan and produce photographic compositions that demonstrate an understanding of light, composition, color and visual impact.

Kid Pix Tutorials and Lessons

Kid Pix Activities
Activities using Kid Pix to reinforce phonemic awareness and/or phonics skills and other activities.

Comparing Objects with Symbols
Kid Pix is an excellent tool for students to use to communicate understanding with symbols, pictures and words.

Farm Word Wall
After a visit to the farm, Kindergartners use a KidPix template to match pictures to words on the "word wall".

Marilee's Kid Works & Kid Pix Page
Reviews of the program, examples of student work, tutorials and lesson plans.

LT Technologies Kid Pix Page
This web site contains links to tutorials and interdisciplinary projects using Kid Pix.

Kid Pix Integration Ideas
This site explores the following topics: Why Should I Use Kid Pix in the Classroom,Tools, Templates, Projects, Early Literacy, Teacher Ideas

15 Great Ways to Use Kid Pix Studio in Your Classroom!
The lesson plans in this unit have grade level ranges that can be adapted to your particular classroom situation.


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