NJECC Presentation - March 11, 2003
From Prints to Pixels - The Evolving Digital Image



Digital cameras, scanners, imaging software, printers, computers and the internet empower students and teachers to use images more effectively than traditional film based photographs. One picture may be worth a thousand words, but a digital image may be used in thousands of ways and seen by thousands of people. This presentation explores some of the possibilities of digital images in education.

Advantages of Digital Images

* Unlimited Copies - digital image files may be duplicated and/or printed many times
* Unlimited use of the same image - students may use the same digital image in different documents
* Scaled to print in different sizes - high resolution digital images may be printed in large or small sizes
* Shared via e-mail - digital images may be sent to anyone with an e-mail account  
* Shared via World Wide Web - web sites can display digital images
* Presentations - images can be used in PowerPoint or other presentations
* Digital video - images can be imported into digital video projects and transferred to videotape or DVD
* Create database - images can be imported into a database, for example, a database on types of monkeys
* Editing for emphasis- copies of digital images can be drawn on or edited without ruining the original image
* Image storage - digital images may be stored on a computer, CD, disk or web site
* Accessibility - digital images posted on the web may be easily downloaded
* Slide shows - computers can run slide shows of digital images
* Portfolios - image portfolios of student projects can be stored, presented or posted on the web
* Clip art - graphics may be used to enhance lessons, documents, web sites and/or presentations

Finding and Capturing Images from the World Wide Web
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Using Image Search Engines

* Google Image Search - using the Image Search feature of Google
* Google Advanced Image Search - using the Advanced Image Search feature of Google

Web sites offering free images for educators

* Freefoto
* Pics4Learning
* North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium

Fine Art Sites

* Mark Harden's Artchive
* Artcyclopedia

Clip Art Sites

* Directory of Free Clip Art Sites - compiled by Lynne Levy, Ed.D. Schaub Instructional Technology Center Rowan University


Lesson Plans for Using Digital Images

Pics4Learning - Lesson Index

North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium - Lesson Index

Some Examples of Images used in Education on the Eisenhower Web Site, www.wyckoffschools.org/eisenhower

* Dr. Diello & Mr. Hunt, Cereal Box
* Mrs. Marciano, HyperStudio and PowerPoint presentations on the web by students
* Mr. Olejarz, Digital Imaging, a seventh-grade course in digital imaging
* Ms. Perrotta, Ms. Sloan and Mrs. White, Images used in video to document - Language Arts Project - A Mythological Dictionary
* Mrs.Teitler, School Nurse - One Hundred Years of Nursing
* Mrs. Weissman, images of student presentations and activities
* SchoolPics - September 2001 to June 2002 - school web photo album documenting various activities and projects
* School Lunch Pictures

Hardware for Creating Digital Images

Digital Cameras

* Information about Megapixels and Digital Imaging
* Digital Camera Information


* Scanner Information and buying guide

Software for Creating and Manipulating Digital Images

Listed below are descriptions of six popular graphics software packages. The descriptions used are from the products publisher. You may also check this site for a Comprehensive listing of many imaging programs and demos of the programs. I have used and recommend Kid Pix for elementary level students. I highly recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements. I have used Elements with middle school students for two years.

* Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 software offers the perfect combination of power and simplicity, so you can do more with your photos. From quick corrections to creative editing, you can easily achieve high-quality results. Whether you use a digital camera or scan traditional photos, Photoshop Elements makes digital imaging a breeze.
* Jasc Paint Shop Pro Now in Version 7, this powerful application lets you edit photos, create Web graphics, draw, paint and animate. It's intuitive enough for beginners, but loaded with enough advanced features for even the most demanding professionals. For instance, professional artistic effects and adjustment layers let you add impact and drama to your photos. Or you can easily view and manage all your images using the crisp thumbnail previews. Unlimited Undo and Redo commands let you experiment with styles and effects.
* Kid Pix Deluxe 3 is a versatile tool for enhancing learning across the curriculum. Dazzling, easy-to-use features like the realistic art tools and photo editing with Electric Mixer effects inspire students to create and enrich the learning process by making it more fun and exciting.
* Microsoft Picture It! Publishing 2002 is the simplest way to create exciting publishing projects on your home PC. With just a few mouse clicks, you can touch up, repair, and enhance your personal photos and get professional results. Then turn your pictures into greetings, a special birthday calendar, community newsletter, or personal Web page.
* Painter 7 electronically captures the reality of painting, right down to the thickness of the paint, the angle of the brush, and the texture of the canvas. You can express your creativity via you computer as never before. For instance, when you paint with the Watercolor tool the paints actually drip and blend together as you apply them, just like the real thing. And you can even control how the watercolor diffuses onto the canvas with Wetness, Dry Rates, Diffusion, and wind direction features. Likewise, the Liquid Ink layer mimics the viscosity and surface tension of a thick, gluey medium like ink or paint.
* Roxio Photosuite 4 Stunning simplicity and incredible power come together so you can do more with your digital photos. Easy menus, toolbars and step-by-step instructions are your guide as you organize your photos and transform them into exciting images and useful projects. Experiment with eye-catching special effects. Have fun creating mosaics, panoramas, postcards, slide shows, screen savers and more.

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