Developing an Art Web Site
for your School District

An Art Department's district web site reflects the culture, values and vision of the department. It should demonstrate that students, teachers and administrators have an understanding of the capabilities of technology and are able to use it to enhance learning, promote creativity, solve problems and communicate effectively as well as increase productivity. In order to do this a school district's art web site should:


The Art Teacher and Art Department Web Sites listed below are a sampling of sites of various quality.

Digital Imaging, Mr. Olejarz, Eisenhower Middle School, Wyckoff, NJ

Mr. Olejarz BF Site (my old school site)

Judy Decker's Art Home

Sharon's Art-Rageous Webpage

Bassett High School Art Department in Bassett Virginia

South Newton M/S High School Art Department

Dalton School - Fine Arts Department

Monte Vista H.S. ART

The Mount Vernon High School Art Page

North Haven Public Schools Art Department

Virgina School and School District Art Web Sites

Cave Spring Junior High, Roanoke, VA

Eden Prairie Schools

Northland High School Art Department

Highland High School Art Department

Dublin Scioto High School - Art Home

South Fork High School Art


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