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Ridegwood Rail Project

May, 2008 Proposal

Historic Ridgewood Etched in Bronze



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The above proposal was not selected for the project.
The proposal below was accepted and then, due to budget cuts, the project was cancelled
The Village of Ridgewood has a rich architectural history. I propose to create reliefs of significant buildings that represent various architectural styles and have served or continue to serve different functions. The Mediterranean style Play House built in 1913 was originally used for theatrical presentations and represents Ridgewood's support of the arts. The Tudor style Wilsey Building was built in 1914 and named after Walter W. Wilsey, one of Ridgewood's major builders. This building represents Ridgewood as a center of commerce and acknowledges Wilsey's contribution to the development of Ridgewood. The Italian Renaissance style George L. Pease Memorial Library built in 1923 represents Ridgewood's commitment to public education. The Classical style First National Bank and Trust Company built in 1930 represents the financial and commercial growth of the village.

The Village of Ridgewood has grown tremendously since the completion of the Paterson and Ramapo Railroad in 1848 when a mere 20 families lived in what was then called Godwinville. In the 1850s Godwinville was a popular summer resort recommended by New York doctors for its healthful climate. Many New Yorkers came to the village and one, Cornelia Dayton, campaigned to change the village's name from Godwinville to Ridgewood. In 1865 the post office agreed to the name change and a year later the railroad also agreed. The historic maps of 1861, 1876, 1913 and 1972 depict the village's growth.

I propose to have the images of historic architecture etched in bronze and the maps of Ridgewood etched in glass that can be located on Ridgewood's train station's platforms and/or pillars. Links to the proposed images and installation possibilities are below.

Historic Architecture
Historic Maps

Installation Proposals


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