Harold Olejarz
The Rail Quilt

The Rail Quilt - Pavonia/Newport Station, with Harold Olejarz
photo by Susan Rosen


Some of the more than sixty Jersey City art students
whose work is included in the project.

Map showing location of station.

In 1996 New Jersey Transit issued a call for proposals for public art for the planned Bergen-Hudson Light Rail Line. The Rail Quilt, my proposal for a "Windscreen Enhancement" was selected for the Newport Mall station. A windscreen is a roofed shelter located on a station platform with glass block walls on three sides. The enhancement is a design that is etched onto the glass block walls. For this project I designed a rail motif that frames drawings done by students from Visual Arts High School in Jersey City.

Two windscreens were installed in the Newport Mall Station located in Jersey City, NJ in August, 2000. Links to images of the windscreens, student drawings and architectual drawings of the windscreen are below.

Special thanks to the students of the Visual Arts High School Program and Jersey City Art Educators John Bradford, Amy Fairweather, Nancy Healy, Carolyn Lorenzo, Ann Marley and Claire Wejnert.


The Rail Quilt
Construction Images

The Rail Quilt
Installation Images

Student Windscreen Drawings

Windscreen ABC
Visual Arts High School Students
(alphabetical list)

Windscreen side A1

Windscreen side A2

Windscreen side B

Windscreen side C

  Windscreen DEF
Visual Arts High School Students
(alphabetical list)

Windscreen side D1

Windscreen side D2

Windscreen side E

Windscreen side F



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