Harold Olejarz
Performances, 1990-91

I performed in many cities and this page has images from performances in Cincinnati and Atlanta. The Arts Festival of Atlanta was the first appearance of the Cowboy sculptures.

I often worked with photographers to create images from the performances. Blaise Tobia photographed many of the museum self-installations along with the set-up at Harry Winston's on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Lynn Butler and I collaborated on a series of cowboy images called On The Range.



Best of the Fest, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1990
photos, Harold Olejarz


atlanta performance

Arts Festival of Atlanta, 1991
photo, Harold Olejarz




Rich Tux at Harry Winston's, 1990
photo, Blaise Tobia



Resting, 1991
photo, Lynn Butler



Riding High, 1991
photo, Lynn Butler



double o

Double O, 1991
photo, Lynn Butler




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