About Harold Olejarz
Digital Art

Big Pictures, January to February, 2005

Images in the “Big Picture” series are panoramic since they present a wide view and provide an all-encompassing survey of a street or place, but the images do not pretend to have been taken in one shot. The images in the series are composed of twelve or more digital photos that have been collaged together to create spatial harmonies and disharmonies, in some passages the images seem to be continuous and in other passages images overlap and show only half of a car or 3 sides of a building.


HeadTwist,25 HeadTwists- On seeing Leonardo's Grotesques at the Leonardo Da Vinci, Master Draftsman exhibition at the MMA, I decided to return to the distorted self-portrait images begun in the Head Shots series.

Godzilla - These images visualize an animated dialog between monsters, with two small plastic wind-up toys as actors. August, 2000

With Two Hands - My two hands are the subject and the instrument, the fashioned and the fashioner. July, 2000

Head Shots - Self-portraits depicting highly charged emotional states. March, 2000

Bare Love - Moments of emotional intimacy. 1999

 Vanitas - Vanitas refers to a type of painting representing the transience of life. In this series of images, I pair my left hand with a cat's skull. 1999

 My Left Hand - Neither photographs nor computer manipulated images, this series documents the "performances of my hand." 1999

 Grids - A selection of early digital images. 1997

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