Harold Olejarz

Death In The Suburbs

After 12 years of surviving, living with, fighting and suffering from breast cancer my mother passed away on Friday, March 25th, 2005. My experience of her dying and her death leaves me with a profound sense of loss. Over the last month, I have come upon many animals during the course of my daily travels in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey that have died, been killed by automobiles or killed by another animal. In the past, I tended to feel a moment or sorrow, look away and then move on. The one exception was when a neighbor hit and killed a squirrel in front of my house two years ago. I did photograph the dead squirrel and remove the corpse. With the exception of those two images of the Squirrel On My Street, all of the images in this photo gallery were captured in June & July, 2005 during the course of my daily activities like walking my dogs, riding my bike or doing errands in my car. (Image number 14, Opposum in Pond, 1, is now in the NJ Arts Annual at the Noyes Museum.




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